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Da Vinci and Digital Art

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If I were an adult in 1987, the year I was born, and the idea of creating art using a computer was introduced to me, I would have probably scuffed at the idea of such a crude, hard edged, and unappealing medium being the vehicle used to create art.  These days, drawing with a tablet and laptop has become so natural to me, that it is hard to imagine a time when computers were not available as the go to medium.  I continually remind myself that this has not been going on for very long at all.  After hundreds of thousands of years of art history, we have just begun to explore the the possibilities of what can be achieved with this creative technology.  

The thoughts has occurred to me more than once… what would the renaissance masters be doing if they knew that we were on our way to a fully immersive virtual reality?  It’s of course an unanswerable hypothetical.  He could have been a Nascar racer under different circumstances.  Still.

The masters of the renaissance are all dead now, and will never experience the marvels of poly modeling, digital painting, and real time animation.  It is up to us to us to see what we can do with these tools, and let the passion and dedication of the great masters inspire us to be the best we can be stepping into this new frontier of creative potential.

“If Michelangelo were alive today, he’s be working for Pixar.”  -Grayson Perry

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